Our Aim


With support from Carhartt WIP, Compos Mentis has worked alongside a series of photographers; Chris Rhodes, Ed Phillips, Maisie Willoughby, Ian K Bird and Sophie Green, who have donated their images to be used on a collection of t-shirts that will be sold to raise money for MQ: Transforming Mental Health.
100% of the profit from the sale of each t-shirt will be donated to MQ: Transforming Mental Health, Charity No. 1139916 & Scotland SCO46075

We are all affected by mental health issues; directly or indirectly. It may be someone you know who is open and seeking help for their own personal ordeal. It may be someone who hasn’t yet been able to seek the support they may need.

Every year, 25% of the population will be affected by some form of mental health issue with the majority of those individuals receiving no support or treatment for their problem. A mere £8 will be spent annually on each person impacted by a mental health illness.

Mental health research receives only 5.8% of the annual public health research budget, a vastly disproportionate amount in correlation to the sector of the population affected. As we learn more about the complex nature of treating mental health issues there should be a revised dedication into their research.

MQ: Transforming Mental Health work to fund research into a large variety of different mental health issues affecting a wide range of the population. With a greater knowledge of the mental health issues affecting our society, we can better identify, treat and support those affected to continue in their day-to-day lives.